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We need your support to keep on going!

Independent publishing is a hard business. What we do is our passion, but that doesn’t mean that we earn a lot of money with selling what we love. To provide a magazine in that high quality to our readers requires hard work. Clearly said it's loads of work for unfortunately not a lot of money. With a small fee you will help us with the printing and shipping costs of the upcoming issue and in exchange we will help you to get your name out there.

What are your benefits of being a patron of THE SMART VIEW?

As a patron of THE SMART VIEW you are supporting a forward thinking project and a network of emerging artists.

Your name or the name of your company will be listed on our patron's page in the upcoming print issue and online. (including your webpage or contact)

One copy and a small gift (surprise surprise) will be send to you or your office anywhere in the world.

You will get personal invitations to our release events, exhibitions and dinners.

And a huge thank you from us and our artists.

There are only 30 slots for patrons available. Refunds are possible but it will take some days and we have to keep back the payment fees we are paying for PayPal and credit card payments. (hope that's fine for you)

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