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Issue 001 - Reflections on mobile photography

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First print edition of THE SMART VIEW
Independent art magazine for mobile photography

128 pages
17 x 23 cm

Language: English


Cover Feature by Julia V. Szafarczyk
Instagram Selection of John Bozinov + Interview
Instagram Selection of Rüdiger von Selzam
"The Selfie Connects" Text by Mikko Villi
"MMXIV Self Confidence" by Jody Mattioli
"The Cultivation of Self" Text by Carina Lüschen
"Melfies 2" by Jackson Lawlor Eaton
Instagram Selection of Rosie Ubacher
"Nigerian Cell" by Dimitri Procofieff
"(dis)play" by Pauline von Katte
"Everybody knows..." by Khesrau Behroz
"Contact Prints" by Erik Arkadi Seth
Instagram Selection of Sinziana Velicescu
"Black Box" Text by Michael Haberbosch
Interview with Pierre Le Govic from Out of the Phone

Release Date: 19.06.2015

Current delivery period: 1-2 weeks